The Michael McCormick and Sons Gallery is proud to present Roberto Ugalde in his First One Man Exhibition. Roberto is the newest Gallery sensation!  He is an adept oil painter  (similar to Jackson Pollock's infamous drip painting style),  expressing the essence of his subjects in a way that draws the viewer into the painting. He was born in Querétaro, Mexico. He studied at the Instituto Nacional de Bella’s Artes in Mexico. Upon completion of his studies, he worked as an illustrator for a calendar company. He immigrated to the United States in hopes of furthering his Artist career. Roberto's unique approach using liquid industrial oil base paint dropped on to a flat canvas or artboard surface and manipulating the colors to control the shapes of his subjects looking for a bridge between abstract and realistic landscapes. This incredible presentation of new work will be an on going display at the Michael McCormick & Sons Gallery. Please join us in welcoming Roberto Saturday, July 1st from 4 ish to 9ish Taos time. Food, refreshments, fun, music, wining and dining and getting back together with new and old friends and Collectors.  He will be signing your new painting!  Hope to see you!  Michael, Jamie, Yumiko, Ryoma, Ryobun, Meownet and Pixel

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