About the Artist

At the tender age of twelve, Jen Weddle began making jewelry out of solder wire and found objects, selling her humble creations to family members, friends, and a few stores at the Town & Country Mall in her hometown of Houston, Texas. She would later attend Texas Tech University, where she began her studies in STudio Art and Apparel Design but soon switched to Metalsmithing.

Weddle’s early conceptual work was focused on the unusual habits of magpies and the odd items to which they are attracted; more specifically, their curious fascination with shiny objects and their incorporation of found objects in the creation of their homes.

“I feel like a magpie,” Weddle says. “I find the way in which they go about building their nests to be very intriguing. They are really intelligent birds, curious but shy and secretive. In the presence of danger they’ve been known to mimic other birds, and can even be taught to repeat some human words.”

Birdlike, shy, and somewhat secretive herself, Weddle’s slight frame and wide set blue eyes belie the drive and ambition so apparent once she starts to discuss her work. Her mystical bent aside, this is a woman determined to make a success out of her craft. by Lynne Robinson

Photo © Billy Curry

Talismans From Taos

The Magpie’s Treasure

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